Hello, Internet!

Hey there, universe. I appreciate the way you’ve been kicking my butt lately, but it’s finally my turn to kick back!

Hello to everyone that’s still hanging around. I just want to give a great big hug and thank you to you guys, gals, and complete weirdos (like me). Also super shout out to Ragazza Triste. If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog. She has amazing posts and pieces that I am in love with. YOU SHOULD GO THERE!


And now that I’m done pressuring you, I present a new short story titled Little Snow Doll. There are birds chirping and beautiful flowers blooming outside, so obviously I give you a story set in winter, after a massive snow storm. Please read and comment. Happy reading!



Hello to You!

Hello, everyone!

I hope your year is off to a good start and if not, I hope it gets better. I come to you today for mainly 2 reasons: Thank yous and new short story!

First off, thank you to all that kept up with, read, and/or liked A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet. I love when others enjoy my writing. It was a fun challenge for me, and I hope you all might have been inspired to try it out yourselves. If you haven’t read them (or you just want to read them again. I’m not one to judge.😁) check out A-to-Z here.

Second, YES! I did mention a new short story, lovingly titled by one of my friends: Sleep Deprived. This story unexpectedly came to be as my friend complained that she needed something to read. It was only supposed to be 4 parts, but after all the whining and pestering, my friend managed to get 12 out of me. It is about the relationship between two childhood friends with insomnia. Please take time to read it. Also, as this is outside my usual area, and due to language and certain content, I must warn you (I cannot stress this enough), Sleep Deprived is FOR READERS AGE 18 AND OLDER (All caps. Bolded. In red. Don’t ignore it!) Please, please, PLEASE! read at your own discretion.

Also, I’d love to hear from you all. I encourage all comments, criticisms, or just plain hellos, so do send me some.

Anyway, that about sums up this greeting. Happy reading!


A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; Y

Years go by
Yesterdays made from our tomorrows
Yellow soul begging for more
Yes I feel happy
You make me feel free
Young and innocent
Yearning for a moment only to take in the view
Yards and miles of open, endless blue sky
Yet we are only observers
Youth makes us naive
Yells numb to our ears
Yielding us in our pursuit not



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; W

What do I want
Waiting here
Wishing for the knowledge
Wisdom unparalleled
Wonderful understanding
Worthy of the thoughts I long to lay claim to
Whether an idea of hope or despair
Withering dust or strong belief
Will I gather all I need that I may be intelligent
Well I will be instead patient that it may come as need
Whittling away at the block of uncertainty
While I sit by and pass the time
World of life making me as I am
Who can tell me that I will not be
Whole in myself and the happiness that surrounds me
Where it is here that I find my peace




A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; V

Versatility is important
Very important
Various people go through life focused on one thing
Varying paths never taken
Voiceless ideas and opportunities
Vices of ignorance
Virtues unknown
Victims of monotony
Vicious regularity
Victors deviated and found their prize
Visions of prosperity and true happiness
Vivaciously search down that untraveled road for yours
Viva la vida



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; U

Unique circumstances put you in my life
Useless feelings
Until I knew you
United in heart and soul
Unknown future set for us
Unkind words from all around
Unnecessary struggles will hit everyday
Understand this
Unless you stop me
Unquestionably I will always be yours


A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; T

Treat you the way you deserve
Trying to make you happy
Time will you is all I need
Trust that I will always be there
Trials will come
Toughening our love
Tears will fall
Tenderness in those moments
Take a moment to breathe
Two hearts healing one another
Too beautiful a bond to be broken
Tethered with the string of fate
Together we will stayimage


A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; S

Secrets are best kept in the dark
Sharing them in the light is quite ugly
Sometimes they are hidden for a reason
Showing off in the brightness
Several can get hurt
Shoving one’s secrets in others’ faces
Shattering that delicately crafted image
Showering them with unyielding ridicule
Subjecting them to that kind of pain
Suffering that kind of torture
Shaming them into hiding
Secluding themselves behind an even thicker wall of lies
Stronger but lonelier than ever before
So watch what you say and do
Should you find yourself about to expose one’s secrets
Suppose they were yours