Broken Angel

Be my beautiful broken angel
Swallowed up by the dark
Fallen from grace
With a broken heart
Torn and tattered wings
Ripped apart by the night
Eyes gouged by the shadows
Never again to see light
My sweet hollow treasure
Without love or a friend
Just pain and misery
As company for your end
Scared, scarred, and maimed
Silent unheard plea
Full of denial and regret
But I know it’s just me



Writing Prompt #122

“Who could ever believe that she could be mine, such a strange and beautiful creature?” I heard him say on the phone.

His grizzly voice sent shivers through me. I never saw his face. It always was covered when he came in to see me. He kept me chained to my bed. He never let me see the sun.

I was left in a cold, dark cell, just big enough for a bed and a bucket. He kept me gagged so I wouldn’t scream, even if could. My throat was so dry I couldn’t even let out a whimper. It was torture. I barely had room to spread my wings, which at this point were too delicate and frail to even lift. They just dragged behind me now.

“I heard it’s good luck to have an angel feather. How about the whole angel? I must have the best luck possible!”

He was a tall, grotesque man, always reeking of bourbon and cigarette smoke. Somehow, he’d found out where I was hiding and set a trap to capture me. I don’t know how he did it. I was always careful. I’d been since my mother was captured.

“You want how her for how much? 5 million? Hell yeah, I’ll take the deal!”

I heard the cloth bag he used to cover his head rustle as he put it on. The heavy metal door screeched open and he walked with the weighted thumping of his feet. I looked up at him, the bright light from the outside room outlining his built frame and blinding me.

He grabbed my face and squeezed as he spoke. The strong onion smell of his breath oozed through the bag and violated my nose.

“Looks like tonight’s our last night together. How about we have a nice going away ceremony for you, girly.”

He grabbed my bound hands and pulled them up, lifting me to my feet. He forced me to turn around giving him full access to my drooping wings. He pushed me against the wall and laughed as I tried keep my legs steady.

“You’re the best pet I’ve ever had. Even better than the last one. She didn’t last more than a day. She couldn’t handle my kind of love and she just broke.”

He put his rough hands on my exposed torso and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“You’re a lot more fun.”

Tears fell from my eyes as I imagined him doing the same things he did to me to my mother, and how she probably cried like this hoping I’d never have to feel the same pain she did.

He brushed the hair off my cheek so that he could see my face.

“Now now, sweetheart. I’ll miss you too, but don’t cry. You know when you cry it just makes me want to hurt you more.”

I tried to stop, but at that point I no longer had any control over my own body.

“You must want me bad for you to be crying like that. I’ll make sure you never forget me,” he growled as he grabbed hold of my wings.

I clenched my eyes shut as I prepared myself for the excruciating pain I knew was coming.

“This one’s for you,” he said, ripping off a handful of my feathers.

For the first time in a long time, I heard my own voice as the foreign sound tore through my throat in the form of a bloodcurdling scream.

I felt the deep chuckle in his chest pressed against my shoulder.

“My favorite sound.”




Writing Prompt #122: Who could ever believe that she could be mine, such a strange and beautiful creature?

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Happy New Year, 2017!

Hello, lovelies. I hope you all enjoyed this holiday season, spending time with loved ones or just catching up on rest with some good food and good times.

Thank you to all who kept up with my November poem series 30 Days of Love. I had so much fun writing it and it was nice to know that you all enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so here.

I am trying to up the posting to at least 3 times a month, with at least one of those being a story update or writing of some sort, so I hope y’all stick around!

As a New Year treat, I have a new short story for you guys. This one is Snow King”. Please enjoy and happy reading!



Too Broken to be Fixed

You were my everything
What happened to us?
What did you do to make us so cold?

It hurts—that crushing pain in my heart
Like daggers and pins exploding in my chest

Our solace being sought after is nowhere to be found
I need you to make it better

Heal me and my broken soul
Give me what I need to live and I’ll give you some too

I can’t breathe without shedding tear after stinging tear

Just make it stop
Make it all stop!

I can’t do this on my own
Please, I’m begging you
Fix me!



“All the world’s a stage…”


Reality and acting are so close in appearance that they tend to mirror each other. And that’s fine…Until reality gets a bit too close. Then, acting is dominant in the escape from the reality one was trying to avoid in the beginning. As writ by William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” (As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII). I am just a pawn in my reality; a queen in my imaginary mind. What am I in your worlds? What are you?



“Dark Enough” by Amanda Lopiccolo

Recently, I was scrolling through YouTube videos as we all do and getting sucked into, what my friends and I call, The YouTube Rabbit Hole. I found this song that just makes my heart ache but I enjoy it because of its simplicity and power it emanates. Though I am the odd and twisted mind that I find myself to be, I felt the urge to share this beautiful, heartfelt, caring song by Amanda Lopiccolo. I am aware that this song isn’t new, but I still find it necessary to share with others. Please share this not for my benefit, but for the sole purpose of leading a supportive hand to someone in need. Thank you.


I Need You

The constant lack of your touch makes me feel so empty.
Come back and hold me like you used to.
Embrace me in your strong arms.
Claim me as yours.
Own my heart and soul.
Cover me with your intoxicating scent.
You don’t really have to love me,
Just keep me close and never let go.