Good Morning

Kiss me in the morning
But not right now

We’re angry
We’re fighting
We’re screaming

Hateful words pour out of our mouths
Lie after lie

Cutting each other down
Slicing through one another’s heart
Leaving gaping gashes in our love

The damage is done
Marks that are left hurt all night long

Our only saving grace
That moment of peace
Is the soft sunlight through our window
The dawning of a new day

Just kiss me in the morning
So I know we’re okay



Happy Anniversary

I know what today is
And I want it to be over
This day once so full of happiness and love
Now makes my heart break

It was a day about us
The day we promised to each other
A day to show we cared, trusted, devoted

Now the icy cold slices through me like daggers
And the strong wind knocks me on my face
All because you’re gone

I can’t change what today is
No matter how much my soul screams
So I close my eyes burning and brimming with hopeless tears
Take an empty, meaningless breath
And step out into the cruel world
The world without you



The Lights

They sparkle
They shine
Chase away the dark
Hide the veil of insecurities
Glow on the blemishes
Show the beauty unknown

Its bright light decorates the velvet night
Oh the lights

Sweet lights shine bright
Beautiful lights I see at night
I love the way
I love the sight
Of sparkling lights I see at night



“All the world’s a stage…”


Reality and acting are so close in appearance that they tend to mirror each other. And that’s fine…Until reality gets a bit too close. Then, acting is dominant in the escape from the reality one was trying to avoid in the beginning. As writ by William Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts” (As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII). I am just a pawn in my reality; a queen in my imaginary mind. What am I in your worlds? What are you?