Part 12

“Put. The phone. Down.”

I glanced up at Lucia and shyly smiled. “I just have one more thing to take care of.”

“Bullshit,” she said holding her hand out. “Give.”

I hesitated placing my phone in her palm.

“You are not working on your wedding day,” she glared.

“Isn’t the maid of honor supposed to be with the bride?” I asked, putting on my navy suit jacket.

“She sent me here to take this,” she answered placing my phone in her purse. “You’ll get it back after the reception.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I sighed. “And how is the lovely lady?”

“Rather relaxed,” she said shaking her head. “She’s watching a movie.”

“Some bad horror movie that she’s laughing her ass off to, I bet,” I smiled.


I chuckled. That was my bride-to-be. Just like me, she had total confidence in Lucia’s wedding planning abilities and wasn’t worried in the least.

“We hired the best. There’s nothing to freak out about,” I said.

“As long as I get that promotion, I don’t give a fuck about how you feel,” she teased.

I’d officially promoted Lucia to Business Manager after months of trying to find a replacement for Anderson and repeatedly coming up shorthanded. She and I split the workload, but she would argue that I should just officially give her the job, so I did. It came with a substantial raise, but I knew what she really wanted was to make things easier on me and Danny. Because of the extra work, I’d been spending even less time at home, which was fine when I was trying to distract myself from her, but it was the fucking worst when I would come home and find Danny sleep on the couch waiting for me.

“The contract is signed, waiting on your desk for you to sign first thing Monday,” I smiled, straightening my jacket.

“Then, I hope your wedding sucks ass,” Lucia hissed at me.

I shook my head. She’d practically cried when Danny and I asked her to plan our wedding. She was our biggest supporter, and we both knew that with her mad planning skills, there was no chance that our big day would be screwed up.

“For crying out loud,” she sighed staring at my boutonniere. “You’ve got it all wrong.” She adjusted it while I watched her fuss over me.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“I don’t need Danielle thinking I let you walk out of here looking like that,” she said.

I held her hands. “Thank you, Lucia. For everything.”

For a split second, she looked ready to cry at my sincerity, then her expression turned flirty, and she pulled her hands out of my grasp.

“I know you’re completely helpless without me. I can’t have any relationship of my own because you two need me to run yours for you, which is why I swear if you fuck this up, I will take your job without a second thought.” She jabbed her finger into my chest as she spoke and I held my hands up in surrender.

“I won’t, but if, and I’m only saying this as a huge hypothetical, I somehow fuck up our marriage, I will gladly hand over the company to you because I’d just kill myself at that point.”

I know I sounded a bit dramatic, but I meant it. If I did something that made Danny want to give up on us, I would rather die than go on living without her. She was my whole world and I would literally give anything to be with her.

“Good, now that we’ve got that settled, I can take your bet for the wager.”

She had completely lost me in just a few seconds. “What wager?”

“The wedding wager,” she grinned. I raised an eyebrow, still thoroughly confused. “There’s $1350 on her saying she’ll cry first, $1325 saying you’ll be the first one down, and $2975 that you’ll both cave at the same time.”

“Who’s betting on this?” I asked, fully confident that Lucia was the one who started it.

“The entire office,” she said. “Even your fiancé has $100 on you.”

I felt the burn of a new challenge forming in my chest. I grabbed my wallet and pulled out $200. “All on her.”

I loved Danny, but if she thought I’d break down in front of our guests, she was sadly mistaken.

Lucia swiftly snatched the crisp bills out of my hand and headed to the door. “Nice doing business with you, boss,” she sang walking out and closing the door behind her.

I sat down to put on my shoes, when I heard a soft knock at the door. I originally thought I’d imagined it, but when it repeated, I stood and opened the door.

I sharply inhaled when I saw Danny standing there, looking hot as all hell. She was in a t-shirt and jeans, but she still looked stunning. Her hair was slightly wavy and framed her naturally painted face perfectly. She gave a new meaning to the phrase “blushing bride”. I hadn’t even seen her wedding dress yet. I knew it’d cost me $7000, but I didn’t care. Just seeing her now, I knew I’d clearly lost the bet.

“H-hey,” my voice cracked. I mentally kicked myself as she tried to hide a small smile at my slip up.

“Hi,” she softly said.

“If you’re looking for Lucia, she just left,” I said after clearing my throat.

“I know. I saw,” she replied.

“Oh.” I noticed as she picked at her bracelet. She’d refused to take it off, even after numerous arguments with Lucia about the childish trinket clashing with her designer wedding dress.

“Is…is something wrong?” I hesitantly asked. I didn’t want to hear her say that she’d changed her mind about today. I hoped she wouldn’t break my heart like that.

“No,” she instantly said. She made eye contact, then quickly looked away. Watching her face turn bright red, I grinned knowing why she was standing at my door 2 hours before she was supposed to be walking down the aisle.

“Say it,” I demanded. “Say it, or I’ll close the door.”

She fidgeted, trying to get up the courage to voice her desire. I couldn’t help it. I loved seeing her internally struggle with how much she loved me. It was cute to watch her panic before I gave her what she wanted.

She squeaked something indistinguishable.

“What was that?” I asked leaning closer to her. She flinched, and I half expected her to run back to her hotel room.

Proving me wrong, she looked up at me, longing filling her eyes, and confidently said, “I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now.”

I stood up and stared at her. “You’ve only got two hours until game time.”

She pushed pass me and sat on my bed. She looked at me, tilted her head, and smirked. “Good thing I only need one.”

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