True Love

This is a short story about the background of one of my characters from a roleplay. My friend asked me about her so I wrote this. I hope you enjoy.


Once there was a girl named Teara. She had silver hair and blood-red eyes. She was a young witch, having just graduated from the famed Spellbound College. She was reckless and carefree, but graduated top of her class. All her childhood life she followed one rule: Trust no one and fear nothing. She had no friends and her family labeled her an outcast. Leaving school, she was completely alone at the human age of 18.

~Five Years Later~

“What does a girl have to do to get a damn magic ban lifted around here?” Teara groaned.
“I’m sure the greatest witch can survive without magic for a few days.”
Teara glared at the young vampire sitting at her feet. She happened to save him once and he just followed her ever since. That was three years ago.
“Would you leave me alone?” Teara snapped.
“If I did I’d miss seeing that beautiful face every morning,” he said with a smile.
Teara scowled and went back to her thoughts. This was the first time she’d had a ban put on her magic—and it sucked.
“You know,” said the vampire, “you’d still have magic if you weren’t so careless with it.”
“No one asked you, Andrew!” Teara yelled.
“It’s Anthony, dear,” he said. “It’s been three years and you still can’t remember my name.”
“Whatever,” she mumbled. “I don’t need to remember something I don’t care about.”
“You know you’d miss me if I left,” Anthony teased.
“Yeah right,” Teara said, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah. Right,” Anthony repeated, standing to look into her eyes.
Teara hated when he stood over her like that and he knew it. It made her feel small and trapped. He only did this to force her into something.
“W-what do you want this time?” Teara stuttered.
Anthony got closer to her face and said, “Marry me.”
Teara blushed at his proposal. “W-what?”
“You heard me,” Anthony said, dangerously close to her lips.
Teara closed her eyes. “S-stop it. T-this isn’t funny.”
“Good because I’m not joking.”
Teara got quiet.
“Do you hate me?” Anthony asked.
“No!” Teara instantly said, opening her eyes and looking at his shock-filled face.
“Well…then answer me.”
“Yes or no only,” he said, knowing that she would try to come up with some complex excuse.
Teara mumbled something.
“What was that?” he asked, whispering in her ear.
Teara blushed more. “I said yes, damn it!”
Anthony’s face lit up with a giant grin as he picked her up and spun her around.
“Put me down, you idiot!” she yelled.
“Never!” Anthony said. “I will never let you down ever in our lives together. That’s a promise.”
“Y-you…you really are an idiot.”
“I love you, too,” Anthony said with a smile.

The couple married a week later and moved into a big mansion that they inherited from Anthony’s parents. The happy couple enjoyed their isolation in each others company in the human world.
About a year later, a war broke out in the Darkside, Anthony’s home world, and he had to help his family fight. Sadly, he was killed in battle. Teara was devastated and became very depressed for years. The first things that pulled her out of that pit of bereavement were the births of her nephews, by her sister and sister-in-law. Soon her niece was born by her sister, continuing her uplifting.
Now, she still lives in the house that she and Anthony moved into, but she enjoys the company of her nieces, nephews and occasionally her in-laws.
She still misses Anthony, the vampire she loved with all her heart, but she continues to be happy for the rest of her family.


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