7. Sweet Dreams

There are so many people here. So many people staring at me and talking about me. I’ve never been in front of all these people who know me and care about me.

I look at all of the flowers around me. They look pretty and smell wonderful. I still can’t believe that they’re all for me. Every little bud, blossom and leaf. All especially for me.

I hear my father calling my name over and over. I look where I think he is, but all I see is a man curled up like a child, crying his eyes out….for me. Just for me and no one else. I’m important enough for someone to cry over. Me.

A man stands next to me and says something, but I don’t pay attention. I’m getting sleepy. I lay down on the white silk bed and yawn. I steal one last glance around the room to look for my mother, but I don’t see her…I don’t see him either. I close my eyes and someone closes the door. It’s dark inside and I fall asleep to the noises outside my little box.


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