Goodnight and Goodbye

My girl, my beautiful girl, was gone. I saw my phone blinking with the last voicemail she left. I pressed play.


Hey, baby. I’m just calling to let you know I’m home. I really wish I could’ve stayed with you tonight, but I have an exam in the morning. I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you. Goodni– Oh my gosh! ~BANG! BANG!~


I heard her get shot in her own doorway and I broke down in tears. I should have made her stay with me. She might have failed her exam, but at least I’d still have her. She had her whole life ahead of her and then, in a second, she was gone.

The police said there were 2 gunshot wounds. One to the head. One to the heart. They weren’t sure which one killed her, but they were both fatal. She died before the police were on the scene. It was a burglary. Luckily her roommate wasn’t home. She was with her boyfriend for the week. She found out about my girl a few hours after I did.

I couldn’t go to the hospital. I couldn’t bear seeing her stunning blonde curls painted red.  I couldn’t bear seeing her favorite green dress, tainted by the thing I wanted the most, draped across her gorgeous, lifeless body. She’d have been disappointed in me for abandoning her after I’d just promised my life to her, but there was no way I could go and see that ring I got especially for her, glisten on her delicate finger.

I just couldn’t do it. Her voice on my answering machine destroyed me enough. Seeing her would only be worse. I looked at that black box sitting on my table and watched it taunt me. Saying that it was holding what I couldn’t. I wanted to break it like it broke my heart, but instead I reached out my shaking hand and did the only thing I could.


Hey baby. I’m just calling to let you know I’m home…


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