A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; U

Unique circumstances put you in my life
Useless feelings
Until I knew you
United in heart and soul
Unknown future set for us
Unkind words from all around
Unnecessary struggles will hit everyday
Understand this
Unless you stop me
Unquestionably I will always be yours


A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; T

Treat you the way you deserve
Trying to make you happy
Time will you is all I need
Trust that I will always be there
Trials will come
Toughening our love
Tears will fall
Tenderness in those moments
Take a moment to breathe
Two hearts healing one another
Too beautiful a bond to be broken
Tethered with the string of fate
Together we will stayimage


A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; S

Secrets are best kept in the dark
Sharing them in the light is quite ugly
Sometimes they are hidden for a reason
Showing off in the brightness
Several can get hurt
Shoving one’s secrets in others’ faces
Shattering that delicately crafted image
Showering them with unyielding ridicule
Subjecting them to that kind of pain
Suffering that kind of torture
Shaming them into hiding
Secluding themselves behind an even thicker wall of lies
Stronger but lonelier than ever before
So watch what you say and do
Should you find yourself about to expose one’s secrets
Suppose they were yours




A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; R

Realize the situation
Responsibilities you’ve put off
Reasoning your lack of effort
Remember you signed up for this
Relinquishing your duties to me was never part of the plan
Regret taking this course of action
Romanticize the idea of being carefree
Real soon I will take that dream away
Run as fast as you can
Razor sharp blades will cut you down
Ruining your smug little smile



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; Q

Quietly we wonder
Questioning the purpose of us here
Quizzical it looks
Quitting the fight of making a difference
Quests going unsolved
Quizzes left unfinished
Quotes hushed and unspoken
Quilts and tapestries of lives suspended
Quills dry of tales of who we are
Quite the tragedy Time suffers
Quelled moments that even Father’s hands can’t move forwards



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; P

Press my lips together
Pull my shoulders back
Posture straight
Poised and elegant
Pace meaningful
Purposeful demeanor
Project my confidence
Pride is never a bad thing
Practice my routine
Please let you see me
Prettier than before
Protecting myself from judgement
Pretending to be what you want



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; N

Never has a word so simple been so complex
Naturally we want to be associated with it
Nothing so dismissive
Neither good nor bad
Neutral in its understanding
Nestling ever so perfectly into a language
Neatly complimenting and offending
No one questioning the patronizing term
Noncommittal in judgement
Not decisive in any way
Needed to keep lies clean
Necessary for insincerity
Nowhere does it raise suspicion
Nicely put
Nice is nice



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; M

Make up a story
Mystery or fantasy
Marvel at the sight
Magical words coming to life
Master of deception
Man of perception
Miraculously you carve falsities into realities
Myself and others fooled
Magnificent in your skills
Minds you bend to accept your lies
Masked creator behind your curtain
Mangled deflections
Mirrors’ reflections of your true heart
Marred by the pain you hide inside



A-to-Z: The Emotional Alphabet; L

List the parts of you I enjoy the most
Let me start with your eyes
Light and full of hope and passion
Locks of your hair
Lustrous in color and beauty
Listening ears
Left and right delicately shaped
Little dainty hands
Littered with scars from hard work
Lastly your heart
Lavishly sculpted to hold so much
Like all you hold dear
Losing myself in all of you
Loving the wonderful woman you are
Leaving me breathless