Chapter 11

    I woke up in a dim room. My head was pounding.
    “Z-Zander?” I called onto the dark.
    “Your little lover boy isn’t here. Sorry,” an approaching shadow said.
    “Elliot,” I said.
    “Right you are, Lexi,” he said, as he came into view.
    “What are we doing here?” I asked.
    “She can answer that,” he said looking over his shoulder at another approaching shadow.
    “M-mom,” I said, as I recognized the figure that was getting closer.
    “Don’t call me your mother, you  ungrateful little brat,” she hissed.
    “You killed your own father! Don’t you have any shame or remorse!?” she yelled at me.
    She had to have been crazy. “The car crash was an accident! I didn’t do anything!” I screamed through my newly formed tears.
    “Lier!” she yelled back.
    “I will say I was a witness to you messing with the car,” Elliot said to me.
    “Why are you helping her?” I asked him. “What did I do to you?”
    He knelt in front of me. “You messed me up. No matter how much I try to get over you, there is always some part of me that wishes I had you. Yet, you reject me over and over and make me want you more and more. I want that to stop,” he said glaring at me. He stood. “Then, that ‘guardian’ of yours made me look like a wimp at the coffee shop. So this is as much my revenge against him as much as it is against you.”
    “I’m sorry!” I said. “Both of you, I’m sorry. I didn’t want any of that to happen. Please, I just want to leave.”
    They both stared at me.
    “Not a chance,” Elliot said.
    I heard a small click coming from my mother’s direction. When I looked at her, I saw that she was holding a gun.
    “It’s too late for sorries,” she said.
    “M-mom…” I said, staring at the dangerous piece of metal in her hands.
    “You are no child of mine,” she said, pointing the gun at me.
    I had no idea why Elliot just stood there and watched. I gathered that he hated me, but there was no reason for him to want me dead.
   Most of all, the thing I wanted was Alexander. I wished that he’d taken me seriously about loving him. Maybe he would have let me stay with him and I wouldn’t have been in danger. I wanted to be happy and with him, I was.
    “Police! Put the gun on the ground and turn around slowly with your hands up!” I heard a familiar voice yell from behind my mother.
    “Zander!” I yelled.
    Elliot flinched at my outburst. “The brat was police?” he muttered.
    I looked at my mother. She ignored Alexander’s words and steadily kept the gun aimed at me.
    “Sarah Moon, put the gun down now!” Alexander yelled again.
    She stares at me for a moment, then turned and shot Elliot in the chest. He fell to the ground as my mother was shot in the shoulder. She fell and dropped the gun, but I could tell from the gleam in her eyes, that she wasn’t dead.
    Alexander ran and hugged me tightly. “Are you okay?” he asked.
    I slowly nodded and watched other officers tend to Elliot and my mother.
    “H-how did you find me?” I asked still in shock.
    Alexander smiled a little. “Your fluffy little sidekick. And like I said: your mom’s  always being watched by cops.”
    When I saw him smile, I started crying. I let him hold me and pet my head; the same way he did when we first met.
    “It’s okay now,” he said.
    We stood and he wiped my eyes with his thumb. “Go down the hall and up the stairs to get outside. There is an ambulance waiting to check on you.”
    “Okay. What about…?” I glanced at Elliot and my mother.
    “I’ll take care of them,” he said, turning me away from them.
    I quickly hugged him again. “Thank you.”
    He hugged me and said, “you’re welcome. Now, go.”
    I let him go and started walking towards the light at the end of the hall.
    Of course Alexander would have found me. It was what he did. He knew me better than most of my friends had. He understood me. There was no way I could give that up. I understood what Alexander meant about me leaving. He was the best friend I’d ever had…I loved him.
    When I was almost to the stairs and the light was much brighter I heard a small commotion back from where I came, but I just kept going.
    “Alexia!” I heard Alexander yell.
    I looked back and saw my mother running towards me. I heard a loud bang and saw her smile. I fell to the floor and felt a sharp pain and something warm start to cover my back.
    That was when I lost consciousness, as my mother stood watching me and laughing crazily.

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