Chapter 12: Rosaline

“Wake up,” a girl’s voice said.

I felt someone pull my head back.

“I said wake up! Why are all snot-nosed brats so damn stubborn?” the voice said again.

I slowly opened my eyes and felt the lights make my head ache.

“Where am I?” I drowsily asked.

The girl stared at me in disgust. “What does it matter? You’re captive anyway. The point is you’re not going anywhere,” she grumbled and rolled her eyes. “You don’t seem like a threat or anything special. I don’t get why I had to watch you.”

I watched as she paced and complained. Her long brown hair flowed wherever she turned. She stopped and glared at me. “What?”

“What?” I asked back.

“What are you staring at?”

“I was staring?” I looked away. “Sorry.”

She walked up to me, looked in my eyes and sent a spine-chilling stare into them. “Look, girlie, I don’t get why the headmaster is interested in you and I don’t care, but just remember: I am always more important than you will ever be. I don’t like you and I never will. I will make Hunter mine. He’s too good for you. I’m stronger, smarter and prettier than you. I am better.”

She was about to say something else, when the door behind her opened and in walked Leon.

“Back off, Claire,” he said.

She turned to him. “Stay out of my business, Leon. This doesn’t concern you.”

“If it concerns her, it concerns me because if she gets hurt, it will be me the headmaster blames.

Claire walked to the chair in the corner and sat as if she were exhausted. “And I care because?”

Leon angrily looked at her. “Because if he comes after me, I’ll come after you.”

Claire laughed and smiled. “You’d hurt your own sister, Leo?”

“Gladly,” he said while talking his coat off and draping it across the table.

Claire turned and picked up a magazine. “Of course you would. You’re just as heartless as our parents,” she sighed.

Leon either didn’t hear her or just ignored her because he looked at me and smiled. “How adorable you look when you’re tied up.”

I dared to scoff and reply, “Even more adorable than when I’m blasting you into a wall?”

He smirked. “You don’t get it, Princess. You’re my prisoner now. You can fight all you want, but I still have the upper-hand. You are completely helpless.”

I yelled, “I can beat you Leon! I will get out of here!”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Claire said, not looking up from her magazine.

“I will!” I yelled again.

“I don’t believe you because I know you can’t,” Leon said.

“Try me,” I glared at him.

He smirked and said, “I’d love to.”


He held my chin and kissed me.

“I cannot believe this is happening,” Claire laughed.

He let me go and smirked as he licked his lips. “You taste good.”

I felt my face turn bright red. “What did…Why…Leon!” I stuttered.

Leon laughed. “What’s wrong, Princess? I just did what you told me to.”

I glared at him, then blushed more as I thought about what I’d said. “You know that wasn’t an invitation for you to kiss me!”

“Oh,” he grinned. “My bad.”

“Precious!” Claire howled. “I am so telling Hunter about this!”

Leon faced her. “No you’re not. No contact with him. Stay off the grid. Headmaster’s orders.”

“Headmaster’s orders,” she mocked. “Whatever the headmaster says goes. Headmaster is the only one that matters. Blah blah blah.” She slammed her fist against the wall. “I don’t give a damn about what the stupid headmaster has to say! He can just drop dead for all I c–” She fell to the floor, holding her head and screaming in pain.

Leon stared with the most indifferent look ever. I panicked, looking between the two siblings. “What’s happening?” I asked anyone willing to answer.

Leon walked to the fridge and responded, “She’s being punished.”


“The headmaster is punishing her for her defiance,” he said dryly.

“What is he doing to her?” I asked fearful that he might do the same to me – or Hunter.

Leon sighed and smiled at me. “Nothing that concerns you.”

I stared at Claire mortified, as she curled into a ball, still screaming.

The door flew open and another girl walked in, her short, blonde bob sitting perfectly still on her head.

“Oy, Cain!” she said in the same British voice from the warehouse. She ignored Claire’s screams and looked at me. “The wench is awake,” she said with a forced smile. “Lovely.”

She glanced at Claire and shook her head. “You never learn, do you, Jones,” she said, then kicked Claire in the stomach. “Do better.”

“Angel,” Leon hissed.

Angel strolled over to Leon and draped one of her long arms around his shoulder. “Don’t tell me you’re going soft for your sister, Cain.”

He shrugged her arm off and opened the fridge. “Let the headmaster deal with her.”

“In my opinion–”

“I don’t care about your opinion, Angel.”

She glared at his back. “Don’t test my patience, love. You know I would snap your pretty little neck in a heartbeat.”

Leon looked at her. “You can try, but you know what will happen.”

“Relying on your precious headmaster is cowardly. Just because you’re his favorite doesn’t mean I respect you at all.”

I swore he laughed but he said, “If you are so sure I’m cowardly, why are you so scared?”

I looked at her and saw what Leon noticed. She was shaking. It was subtle, but once you noticed you could see she was terrified. I didn’t know if it was because of what kept Claire screaming or if it was the cold, dead stare Leon was giving her. His grey colored eyes made my breathing instantly freeze. I was just a bystander, so I was glad, but scared, that Angel was the sole receiver of that stare.

Suddenly we all looked at Claire, who looked back at us in anger and pain.

“Claire…,” I whispered.

“Shut up,” she quietly said.

First I thought she comment was directed at me, but I saw she was glaring at Leon. “How lucky I am to have a big brother like you,” she said through gritted teeth.

Leon tossed her the bottle of water he took out of the fridge. “Drink up. You have a mission,” he said ignoring her once again.

Claire caught the bottle, grabbed her coat and stormed out the room.

Angel, free of Leon’s gaze, looked at me. “I think you’ve seen enough.”

Leon glanced at me and nodded. “Put her under.”

She grabbed a bottle of liquid and a cloth. She poured the liquid on the cloth and held it to my face, covering my mouth and nose. “Deep breaths,” she said.

I panicked and looked at Leon. As my mind slipped away and my eyes drooped, he smiled and waved.

“Sleep well, Princess.”


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