Chapter 11: Hunter

Austin was typing away at his computer. I didn’t see how sitting in an old apartment was going to save Rose.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, annoyed that we weren’t out searching for her.

“Be patient,” Austin calmly replied.

“What are we waiting for?!” I yelled punching a hole through the drywall.

“Relax, we’ll find her.”



“Soon isn’t soon enough! We need to find her now!”

He turned to look at me.  “If we just plow through their security system, they will kill us and her.”

I just looked at him unsure of what to say, so I just looked away.

“Good,” he said. “I’m glad we have an understanding.” He turned back to his computer.

I stomped off to a bookcase and kicked it as hard as I could. It fell and broke into pieces.

“Hey!” Austin yelled, as he ran toward me. “Dude, what’s your problem!?”

I glared at him. “What’s my problem!? My problem is my girlfriend has been kidnapped by her insane father and I’m stuck here with her ‘cousin’, who’s been playing on his computer the whole day, while I’m forced to sit here and do nothing! That’s what my problem is! So if you don’t want me to smash your home to pieces, I suggest you do something that will make a difference! Now!”

“You don’t get it do you?”

“Get what?”

“I’m not helping you because I’m part of the Resistance. I’m helping you because I love Rose. I couldn’t care less about you and what you want, but I pretend to because Rose likes you. I honestly can’t stand you!”

I turned away and scoffed. “The feeling’s mutual.”

“Then we have nothing to worry about.”

“Except Rose.”

“Exactly,” he said as he went back to his computer.

I sat on the floor and went back to thinking about Rose and complaining about Austin. This was the longest I’d been away from Rose since I’d got back from the Academy and it hurt. A lot.


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