30 Days of Love; Day 10: Campfire

As we sit under the night
You ask what I wish for the most
I ponder for a while
Then I grin ear to ear

I could wish for a new house
Maybe a shiny new car
Something small like candy
Or even something bazaar

Like a green and purple cat
And a dog to match
Or a simple leather glove
And a ball to play catch

How about a trip to Paris
Or up to the moon
A really big sundae
With a really small spoon

All the money in the world
And to give it away
To live in New York
And perform on Broadway

But as I sit here
What I wish most to do
Is to stay by the fire
Cuddled up next to you

So I look to my right
And proudly boast
With my big goofy smile
“I wish for right now, right here”




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