30 Days of Love; Day 30: What Now?

Looking across at the horizon
I know there is a future out there waiting for me
One that is bright and full of hope
Like that shining sun
There will be ups and downs
Endless winding roads
Warm welcomes and cold concrete
But nothing can stop me now
I believe I am strong enough to face whatever path I encounter
If I lose my footing
I’ll steady myself and keep moving forward
Because I am okay




30 Days of Love; Day 29: Love Lost

Once upon a time I had a true love
He gave me everything I wished for
Then it all stopped
He left me alone
I let him consume me
Now I’m stronger
I’m strong enough to let him go
Let this overbearing weight float off into the breeze
Once upon a time I found love
And love left
Once out of many times to come



30 Days of Love; Day 26: Brand New Day

The sun peeks through my window
First light warms my face
I slowly rise and place my feet on the cool wood floor
Follow the light to its source and brush the dark curtains aside
Brightness floods the room
Filling me with newfound comfort
It’s another morning without you here
And I don’t feel so alone



30 Days of Love; Day 25: Remembering Me

I am an individual
It’s a simple thing
But it’s so easy to forget
I am not part of you
And you’re not part of me
I am just me
I thought I was missing some of myself
But I’m not
I’m missing an accessory
Like a bracelet or belt
I was fine before you
And I’ll be fine after
I forgot life before you
I never felt like I was missing my identity
Somehow you did that
You made me question who I was
I got so caught up in loving you
I forgot to love myself
Never again
I’ve found me
And I’m never letting me go



30 Days of Love; Day 24: Remembering You

I loved you
With all of my heart
I loved you

The way you said my name
The way you brushed my hair
The way you kissed my lips
The way you touched my skin

I loved you

You smiled when I was happy
You held me when I cried
You sat with me when I was angry
You carried me when I was tired

I loved you

You gave me surprises
You cooked me meals
You took me on adventures
You made me happy

I loved you
You were the best thing to ever happen

I loved you
Did you ever love me?



30 Days of Love; Day 23: New Home

New city to live in
New city that I can discover
That I’ll be in by myself and not attached to your arm
New people to meet
New people who don’t know my name
That don’t know I was yours
New places to go
New places we didn’t visit together
That don’t bring up the times we spent there
New memories to make
New memories that are of new things
That aren’t all of us being or not being together
New home to thrive in
New home that I will make mine
That won’t be ours to share

This is my new home
But somehow you’re still all around



30 Days of Love; Day 22: Moving On

I realize now that I’m not important to you
I’ve made the decision that you’re not important to me
So what’s keeping me here
In this town full of happy memories tainted by you
I’m all alone so what does it matter
To move on I must move on
Pack up and head out
The pain you left here will stay here
With a bag on my shoulder
And hope for a better life
I walk on to a new tomorrow



30 Days of Love; Day 21: Rainy Day

I saw you in the rain
With some girl by the train
Probably the one from your phone calls

Sharing our umbrella
Guess she’s your new Cinderella
And I stood there while the rain did fall

You’re no longer mine
Seems like you’re doing fine
But I felt like I’d just crashed into a wall

Broke down into tears
They held all of my fears
While you walked away all I did was bawl

Thought we could fix this thing
We were queen and king
Our love ran but now it won’t even crawl

I cried for hours before
Always hoping for more
But now I really feel nothing at all