30 Days of Love

Hello readers!!!

I have challenged myself to write a series of poems, one for each day of the month of November (as it is my favorite month :“Happy Birthday Me!”). I would like to title the series 30 Days of Love. I hope you all enjoy. Happy reading!




It’s said that a picture’s worth a thousand words
But I say it’s priceless
Not many words can express the feelings that a single image can capture
The further you step back the clearer you can see
Only few can get it right
Can make all see the big picture from the small words
That perfect painting on the canvas of life
With its flaws and fantasies
The natural beautiful brokenness
The way it all hurts so nicely
Corners lined up
Edges level
Those pictures make for a wonderful memento
Unique one-of-a-kind scenery
The perfect perfection of life



Good Morning

Kiss me in the morning
But not right now

We’re angry
We’re fighting
We’re screaming

Hateful words pour out of our mouths
Lie after lie

Cutting each other down
Slicing through one another’s heart
Leaving gaping gashes in our love

The damage is done
Marks that are left hurt all night long

Our only saving grace
That moment of peace
Is the soft sunlight through our window
The dawning of a new day

Just kiss me in the morning
So I know we’re okay