One drop


One drop to feel my heart,

In deep into from valleys of your heart,

Unsound, but vibrant…

Slow but would have an impact,


At the walls,

With iron coating,

To rediscover me,

Into you…

To reunite me,

Into the grave,

Of retired heart…

Don’t stop,

Don’t blame,

To me,

To you,

For not loving…


One drop…

I still awaited…

At the same door steps,

To watch,

To feel,

Same foot steps,

Walking, talking, dancing,

Of their own match…

It’s just a one drop,

That can fill,

The hollowness of my heart,

With your charm…

Aren’t things dead?

Aren’t you feeling crazy?

See the sky with moon,

May I try to bring that groom?

Will that wash your sorrow?

Or I just have to wander,

To bring that horo…

Hey! Prettiest among the face,

Richest among real fates,

I walk through the way,

Which will halt when you say,


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