“Dark Enough” by Amanda Lopiccolo

Recently, I was scrolling through YouTube videos as we all do and getting sucked into, what my friends and I call, The YouTube Rabbit Hole. I found this song that just makes my heart ache but I enjoy it because of its simplicity and power it emanates. Though I am the odd and twisted mind that I find myself to be, I felt the urge to share this beautiful, heartfelt, caring song by Amanda Lopiccolo. I am aware that this song isn’t new, but I still find it necessary to share with others. Please share this not for my benefit, but for the sole purpose of leading a supportive hand to someone in need. Thank you.



Empty Kisses

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Ufuoma E

Meaningless kisses are not for me…
I can’t stand your cold hands on my skin
Nor knowing that your heart is hid from reach…
I need a deeper connection than you give.
It makes my heart sick knowing it’s not real…
That your kisses are lies, and touch, obscene
That you’ll have my body, but none else of me…
Oh, how sick I feel, knowing lust is all it is.
The saddest thing is that I want none else of you.
There’s nothing more of this affair than empty kisses…
As wonderful a man as you are,
In my heart, I know you’re not the one for me…

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