I tell you I am well aware how this world works but please don’t be human and let me down

Don’t tell me that you can’t come around anymore because it’s an inconvenience to you

What about me?

It’s not just you who’s hurting

It’s the one you’re saying is broken and not worth your time

The one you’re freezing out burning your bridges to

The one you’re throwing off the edge of sanity to be tired by the insane

But my brain can’t take that pain

Can’t deal with that stress that mess that pulls and pushes the wretched such as my soul it’s too much to bear

So please don’t be human and let me down

Cause I’m not strong enough to go through this on my own

My wings can’t catch me the way you do in your brazen arms so warm and protective

Just catch me

I’m afraid that you can’t hear me over your loud thoughts of abandonment

But just stay a little longer to see if I’m okay

I like this stable feeling but you can’t tell because you aren’t listening

So before you give up on me

I’ll give up on you because in your eyes it’s okay to leave because I’m already gone



by SachaKalis

by SachaKalis


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