This is a party of some sort
Take a look around the room
All I hear is “Who are you?”
Who are you related to?
Who are you married to?
Who are you working for?
Who are you and what do you do behind closed doors?
Just who are you? Who are you? Who are you?
Who am I?
I am a VIP.
I am a VIP in every sense of the phrase.
A very important person.

I am very
Very smart
Very talented
Very beautiful, powerful, insightful intellectual
I am very
I vary my lexicon, speech pattern, then I’m on to sweet patterns like that swirling surface and icy rings of Saturn
In space there is space where planets stay on their courses
Never tarry, never vary unlike me
I am very
I am very important

I make important statements
I state important questions
I question important choices
I take important steps
Stepping on important milestones
Mile by mile
Important to follow that road to my dream
A path called so futile and rarely traveled but the travel is worth it when 10 years from now you’re not working and the only importance is money
But this money can’t buy you happiness, can’t heal the broken, can’t tell you your heart is open and exposed
And the important thing to remember is that your main importance is you
It is important to make sure you are most important to you
Your existence is important
You are important
I am very important
I am a very important person

I am a person
Not a thing to be discarded or ignored when unwanted
I’m not a doll sitting here for your amusement
Sitting still and quietly begging for your attention, for some sign of recognition, for you to acknowledge my presence, mention my name
Not going to sit there and smile at you just to make you feel better
I’m not a pet
I don’t want you to take care of me, tell me what to do, be in charge of me, secure my insecurities, pet my head, tell me I’ve been good
Be good young children because I’m in control and it’s on my mind that time isn’t just a number–it’s a blessing because value is in the times we treasure, as is the nature of people
Because people are what we are
I am a person
I am a very important person



Who are you?
Who are you?
Who am I?
I am a VIP.



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