What Am I

Am I just a touch to you
Am I that thing that people wait to wake up and dream about
Am I more than the plan that you sit around and think about
The one that makes you scream and shout
Just what am I to you
Am I just this sound to you
Am I more than that feeling you feel
The one that’s truly real
That everyone wants to steal
Say what am I to you
Am I just this person to you
Am I the one you see
The one that’s free
That intricate, messed up version of me
Please tell me what I am to you
I’m not just that girl
The one that will smile
Who doesn’t care about style
Who can dream mile by mile
But I need to know what I am to you
I’m much more than that
I don’t sit up straight
I don’t like to wait
I have many I hate
I’m always late
I have more than one bad trait
I have too much stress on my plate
Not in a comforting, proper, sane kind of state
And I honestly can’t see what I am to you
And I don’t know what I’m going to do
It’s too much, too painful too
Move on and be done with what’s breaking me in two
I don’t know how I’ll make it through
But tell me: what am I to you?