Me and you
Can’t save me
Myself and I
Don’t want you anymore
Of this and I’ll break
My heart forever
I fall to pieces
Of your love remain
Forever mine.


On the wings of a dream
A voice says to me
“Hear my echoing plea
Not everything is as it may seem
Look to the sky
And follow your intuition
Keep your position
See the doves fly
If time flew like a dove
There would be nothing we could do
Just watch it pass you
Watch it glide to the heaven above
But remember you aren’t small
Great things are planned
Things that are so grand
So go through life standing tall.”
I woke to a glowing star
With my eyes open wide
My hope I couldn’t hide
I knew that my understanding wouldn’t be far
The voice of that role model of mine
Gave me my own voice to share
I tend to that egg with care
I know I’ll turn out just fine