This is me
I’m not just a girl
I’m much more than what you see
I’m a genuine pearl

I have flaws and talents
I still fight though I might get stuck
I like having some balance
As the world runs amuck

I’m not a simple carbon copy
I’m creative, strong and wise
I know who I can be
I can make the world see through my eyes

You may be hypocritical
My thoughts and ideas aren’t quite the same
I’m not as analytical
I make up my own game

And here’s something I hold true
Something important to see
I know that I’m not you
And you certainly are not me  ~Teara❤

Not Alone

There’s only one to free me from this mess
There’s only one to rid me of this stress
There’s one place I’ll run and one place I’ll hide
I am so tired, all messed up inside

Surrounded by uncertainty
But there’s one there to steady me
Reality is no friend of mine
My world in my head is more than fine

I fall and I cry
I struggle and I try
I don’t know how much longer I’ll stand
But it won’t be without clinging to that trustworthy hand