Don’t Forget Me Yet

imageDo me a favor, my dear.
Don’t forget me yet.
My life has been brighter, more fun, better. 
More everything since the day we met. 
You make me smile like never before,
But yours puts the sun to shame. 
In your arms I feel most comfortable. 
They turn my temper tame.
One thing that you’ll do,
I know you won’t regret. 
Just do me a favor, darling. 
Don’t forget me yet. 
Our time together was priceless.
This is something you know.
I wish I didn’t have to leave.
I wish you’d never let me go. 
I tried so hard to stay with you,
Said I wouldn’t let them win,
But I couldn’t fight any longer.
I’m sorry I gave in. 
Just promise me this. 
You’ll want to, I bet.
Please do me a favor, baby. 
Don’t forget me yet. 
Once again I say sorry. 
I know this isn’t fun. 
I know that you’re hurting,
But I’m almost done. 
I hate that I caused this;
That this is happening to you,
But I’m glad to have had us,
That our love was true.
So now I say my final goodbye. 
My farewells are all set. 
Do me one last favor, my love:
Please don’t grieve for me, but don’t forget me yet. 

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